Online Art Competition


(For Students of 10 years to 17 years)

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It has been a well evident tradition of AFAQ Leaders Club that it organizes such events and programs which not only support in developing the character of youngsters but also proven to be a stimulus to think positive and play a significant role in the society.

Keeping the concept alive AFAQ Leaders Club; this year also introducing a unique Art Designing Competition through which youngsters will not only ponder but also create Art pieces understanding their moral responsibility as a practicing Muslim

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COVID-19 and Our Responsibility as Muslims

کورونا وائرس اور بحیثیت مسلمان ہماری ذمہ داری

Important Instructions

In this competition Students from 10 years of age to 17 years of age will be eligible to participate.

Entry for Participation in the Competition

  1. Any student who wants to participate in the competition will be able to send only One entry to ALC.
  2. Any student who wants to participate in the competition will create and send his Art Piece according to the given Theme.

Rules for Participation

  1. Any student who wants to participate in the competition will him-self/her-self create his Art Piece and will not use any other means like; technology or electronic to develop their Art piece
  2. The size of the Art Piece will be A3 Paper
  3. Any Art piece will be developed on A3 Paper using a proper PAPER BOARDER.
  4. Only Pictorial Art Pieces will be included in the competition.
  5. In the competition not a single Religion, sect, movement, Color or Race, cast, person or thing will be persecuted or discussed in any manner.
  6. Art Pieces will be sent to ALC in JPEG format.
  7. Any Art Piece sent for competition purpose will be the property of ALC and ALC will have the sole right of ownership to use it in any mean for its On-line portal or report manual.
  8. All the Art Pieces competing for the competition must be unique and first-time creation, also which must not have been published or displayed in any competition, exhibition, or festival and also part of any decorative art or media.

Important Dates

  1. All the students will participate in the competition are instructed to send their Art Pieces to ALC from 1st May, 2020 to 24 May, 2020.
  2. Please note that after the mentioned date any of the entries will not be accepted by any means.

Checking and Results

  • All shortlisted Art Pieces will be uploaded on our Social Media Page ( from 5th May, 2020 to 5th June , 2020
  • 50% Marks are based on getting maximum likes on our Facebook Page within the judgment duration (i.e. from 5th May, 2020 to 19 June, 2020)
  • 50% Marks are based on judgement of our judges according to our prescribed judgment criteria.
  • Top 10 Art Pieces will be awarded with certificates, souvenirs and gifts of books.
  • Final decision will be taken on June 19, 2020 at (9:00 PM).
  • The decision will be final, unchallengeable and non-negotiable in any case and will be accepted in all manners.
  • Results will be announced on June 20, 2020 on line from ALC website and Social Media Portal.

On-Line Registration

  • All the Art Pieces will be submitted online with the Registration From, any Art Piece without Registration form will not be considered in competition.
  • Any Art Piece will not be accepted through E-Mail, Social Media Application or Postage; otherwise will not be included in the competition.
  • On-Line Link  for Registration in Competition:


All the participants of the competition will be awarded with Participation Certificates.

Top 10 position holders of the competition will be awarded with certificates, valuable souvenirs and gifts of books in a prestigious Prize Distribution Ceremony.