Capacity Building

b. Trainings & Competitions


• Science Exhibitions and Competitions
• Technological Competitions
• Engineering Competitions
• Mathematics Competitions

2. Trainings & Competitions

i. Seerat-un-Nabi (S.A.W) Quiz and Conference
ii. Creative Writing Competitions
iii. Speech Competitions
iv. Annual Scholarship Examination

i) Seerat-un-Nabi (S.A.W) Quiz and Conference:

Let’s learn from the glorious life of the most beloved Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] of Allah:
AFAQ aims at Islamic character building of students. That’s why AFAQ Leaders Club arranges Seerat Quiz to involve the students in an educational activity with the aim to make them aware of Seerat of our most beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.AW. .)

ii) Creative Writing Competitions:

The Creative Writing Competition is another important activity of AFAQ, Leaders Club . Creative Writing Competition, under Creative Writer Forum provides an opportunity to the students of Balochistan form several districts to show their potential and mental abilities by expressing their thinking and ideas in writing on different topics given by AFAQ.

iii) Speech Competitions:

Debate competitions are held in different districts of the province to explore the hidden talent of the students of the province. Debating forum Competitions are categorized into Urdu and English, in which huge number of students for both languages took keen interest and active part to convey their ideas and thinking.

iv) Annual Scholarship Examination:

One of the most influential and prominent ventures of AFAQ, Leaders Club is to provide scholarship to the position holders students of Quetta.
It is basically to regard and honor the efforts of the students from different demographic and educational backgrounds. Annual Scholarship event is an attempt to make the hard work of the students memorable for the year by honoring them with the scholarship. The students were selected through the scholarship examination conducted by AFAQ, Leaders Club.