Islamic, National & International Days Celebrations & Campaigns

Islamic, National & International Days Celebrations & Campaigns

a. Appetizing Feasts with Ramadan and Eid Milan Parties
b. Iqbal and Jinnah Day Celebrations
c. International Student’s Day
d. World Orphans Day
e. World Children Day
f. International Youth Day

a) Appetizing Feasts with Ramadan and Eid Milan Parties

AFAQ has the tradition of holding regular feasts for its members and employees. AFAQ tries to facilitate the people engaged with the organization, whether it is Ramadan, Eid or any other educational or festive event. AFAQ thinks that gatherings are very important for productivity of employees and social awareness with communicating ideas on different topic.
Activities regarding Ramadan Days Celebrations:
• Quiz Competitions
• Debate Competitions
• One Question, One Prize
• Essay Writing Competition
• Poster Making Competition
• Shetan Ka Interview
• Shab Bedaari Iftar Dinner
• Iftar Parties (Principals & Teachers)

b) Iqbal and Jinnah Day Celebrations

On 9th November and 25 December AFAQ organizes activities in schools to celebrate the Iqbal Day & Jinnah Day. The activities are designed according to the philosophy and contribution of Iqbal and Jinnah for children & youngsters.
• Debate Competition
• Kalam-e-Iqbal
• Tableau
• Iqbal Quiz

c) International Student’s Day

On 17th November AFAQ, Leaders Club celebrates International Students Day, engaging students through Encyclopedia and books are setup & activities like coloring competition, quizzes and puzzle making competitions are organized in different schools of Pakistan.

d) World Orphans Day

Legendry co-officials of AFAQ, Leaders Club organize events on 14th November to celebrate a day with orphans. Different games, activities and competitions are practiced to make the day of those special children wonderful.

e) World Children Day

The day is celebrated with great zeal and encouragement with the children as gifts are distributed among the needy children on 20th November, World Children Day.

f. International Youth Day

On 12th August Youth Convections and programs are organized for youth, all across Pakistan, where students and youth take active part, share their views and thinking regarding importance of the Day.