Leadership Development

1. Experiential Learning
b. Workshops & Seminars

1. Experiential Learning

i) Youth Leadership Camps

Youth Leadership Camps for the talented students of Pakistan are organized in May/ June of every year at Islamabad, Ziarat or any other feasible place in which the youth practice and participate in different several mental and physical activities in an out-door natural environment.

ii) Summer Camps

The Summer Camps are another treat regarding developing, polishing, and boosting up student’s physical and mental abilities, organized by AFAQ Leaders Club. The 5 days summer camp teaches students the technique of self development and character building. The students participate from different regions of Pakistan, because they belong to different demographics so, it is the better and effective chance for them to communicate and share their academic and co-curriculum activities with each other in a better way. They have to live together for specified time in the very beautiful and challenging camp sites so they also practice how to live on their own and work with one’s own hands in any of the challenging environment faced in life.

iii) Camp Action

Camp-Action is a Customized program for the youth groups joining AFAQ Leaders Club (ALC) during the summer in which youngsters practice;
• Innovative modules and passionate facilitators.
• Learning of students through greater understanding of the short and long-term impacts of their words, choices and actions.
Discover their individual learning styles, develop skills to enhance their academic performance, and learn how to be effective in the society. in the society.

In 5 days camp the young participants discover about:
• Core values
• Leadership styles
• Earn new life skills
• Make new friends by doing social-Experiential projects
Inspired by the Nature the camp will expose the students to various survival situations, experiential games, art work, post-camp assignments, and many other exciting modules.

Camp Model:
• Tarbiyah
• Leadership Training
• Outdoor & Adventure Experience
• Post-Camp Action Plan

2. Workshops & Seminars

AFAQ Leaders Club is very considerate about the educational betterment of the young children and that they must have their grades up to the mark, keeping this thought in mind, with co-curriculum ALC also arranges Examination Workshops for the Students at different levels through which it is assured they will perform their best in the up-coming exams as academic is also an important domain with co- curriculum activities.

• Examination Workshop
• Youth Social Entrepreneurship Workshop
• Workshop on Developing Vision
• Workshop on Time Management
• Workshop on Communication Skills

Career Counseling and Guidance Workshops:

Keeping the image and objectives of the AFAQ and also the AFAQ Leaders Club in mind AFAQ Leaders Club also organized different workshops for students.
AFAQ Leaders Club organizes comprehensive Counseling & Career Guidance Program to help the students to overcome the hurdles in choosing their most favorable and fruitful future career path. In this regard different programs and workshops are arranged by AFAQ, Leaders Club in different areas of the province.
The main purpose and aim behind this Program is to make the students to first explore themselves and then get ready to bring the change in the society positively by choosing the right career. It is the first comprehensive program for the students of Pakistan that comprises of 5 stages, under which the students take the vivid idea and clear their vision about the brighter future.
Self- Development Test:
A very significant part of Career Guidance is The Self Development Test that lets students to know about their hidden Passion, talent and discovering their Inner potential that where they stand now and how they can develop them- selves in the future.
This approach basically helps in setting the goals and objectives in a more effective and efficient manner.