Meaningful Ramadan Program

Making Your Ramadan Meaningful with AFAQ

(15 Days Online Class + Full Month Ramadan Management Support)

(For Students of age 15 years – 25 years old)

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How many times you have told yourself at the start of the blessed month that this one will be better but before you realize it, you are already in the last ten days, wishing you did more?

Yes! AFAQ Leaders Club is trying to help their members and youth of Pakistan by introducing a 15 Days online course along with Full Month Ramadan Management Support as a short, effective and transformative way to not let another Ramadan go to waste.

Discover how you can learn to empower yourself with the beauty and blessings of Ramadan, while establishing a strong connection with the Creator and a fully charged relationship with the Glorious Qur’an – that lasts.

Learn not only how to maximize the blessings and the benefits of RAMADAN but also to ensure that the good habits and Imaan boost we experience in Ramadan permeates into the rest of our lives.

For any kind of assistance, please call us at: +92313-8445965 (From 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM only)


  1. Study of Selected Verses from Quran
  2. Explanation of Selected Ahadees-e-Nabvi (PBUH)
  3. Kitaab Us Saum – Basic Fiqh of Fasting
  4. Learning the Manners of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from the topical book of hadiths collected by Imam Al-Bukhari addressing the questions of perfecting Muslim manners
  5. Addressing the questions of course participants

Program Duration:

  • Online Class – 1st Ramadan till 15th Ramadan In Shaa Allah
  • Full Month Ramadan Management Support – 1st Ramadan till 30th Ramadan In Shaa Allah

Timings: Live Class 4:30 PM – 5:15 PM PST (15 Classes)

Tuition Fee: * IT’s FREE    Pre-requisite is your commitment & dedication (Registration is Mandatory)

Online Registration Form:

Program Facilitator:

Engr. Syed Izatullah 

Manager, Youth Development, AFAQ

Kuliya-Tu-Shariya Graduate, Jamia-Tur-Rasheed Karachi

Electronic Engineering Graduate, BUITEMS Quetta



  • Participants completing the course successfully will be awarded accomplishment certificates
  • Participants completing the course successfully will be given priority for future Youth Camps organized by AFAQ Leaders Club