AFAQ Leaders Club has been organizing “AFAQ Innovation Stars Competition” for the young innovators (School Students) from the last two years throughout Pakistan by involving students to participate in the competition in their best capacity. The event holds its own significance for Pakistan especially school participants as they get a significant platform to express their ideas and also to interact with each other on such a large scale. In the Mega Event 100s of Schools (Government and Private) had been participating, invited from AFAQ Leaders Club, where they presented and demonstrated their scientific models as a solution for the social problems. The Students show their keen interest in developing, demonstrating and presenting their innovative and creative models and inventions, while addressing some of the most influential problems of the society and their solutions. They presented their models to the audience, notable guests and tech lovers. The models depicted and highlighted the mainstream problems of the society focusing on their most possible solutions in available resources. AFAQ Leaders Club has been a noteworthy part of these innovation summits for the last two years and making all possible efforts to create an interactive innovative learning environment for the school students to portray their endless efforts to the world through presenting different kinds of models by students of different schools out of which some discussed the cleanliness issues, Water Purification Plant, Sports Arenas, and Electricity Generation, Geological Impacts to the Environment, and many other distinguished models, which showed the keenness and enhanced interest of the students at each standard.

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